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Why hire an interior designer?

Do you think interior design is expensive and only reserved for the elite? Many people think this and it’s certainly not true because hiring an interior designer can actually save you time & money and a lot of unnecessary headaches. They will of course help you define your style and ensure your vision is brought to life to give your space that WOW factor. They’ll even help you make budgeting and planning easier. We here at Jackson Charles have several levels of service to fit everyone’s budget so book a call with us today to find out how we can help you achieve the space of your dreams.

Our Stunning Transformation Portfolio

A Bachelor Space Turned into An Ultimate Bachelor Entertaining Pad

From An Ordinary Bedroom to a Deluxe Relaxing Retreat

From Bare-Bones Living Room to Classy Modern Socializing Area


Potential Interior Design clients contact us to get straight to business!

Hiring an Interior Designer can be a tedious, confusing, drawn-out process for most!

Because we understand that, we offer a hands-on solution where a team of 3 Designers work to create design concepts and a plan to execute for the spaces you select!

  • A 3-hour on-site visit (up to 2 rooms)
  • A 5-hour  on-site visit (up to 4 rooms)
  • A 7-hour on-site visit (up to 7 rooms).

When the session is over, we’ll leave you with the following:

  • An execution list to complete the project
  • Computer aided or hand drawings that will illustrate precisely what the space should look like when it’s complete
  • A list of resources, contractors and shopping links to help pull everything together!!
  • For clients that require more assistance, our project managers and installment team are ready + available fill in the gap! Ask about adding these services during your discovery call!

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Start The Journey To Create Your Perfect Home IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS


Schedule your FREE 15-minute DISCOVERY CALL with our principal designer for you to determine which one of our design services works best for your goals and needs.


Book a 3-hour (up to 2 rooms), a 5-hour (up to 4 rooms), or a 7-hour on-site visit (up to 6 rooms).


A team of up to 3 designers will arrive and walk through your home to resolve your most pressing design issues. We leave you with a design plan that shows you what your space will look like and how to get it done, with and without us!

About US

20 Years in The Interior Design Industry

So glad you’re here! I’m Eddie, Principal Interior Designer of Jackson Charles Design Specialist — which was  named after my first of three sons. I am emotionally passionate about design and how that design impacts people and the way that they live in their spaces. 

With 20 years of design experience, I’ve learned a bit about what clients need and how those needs impact interior design projects. Clients either fall into two categories: someone who needs a complete interior design planned out and executed for them, or — someone who desires more control over how the design is put together and executed.

We happen to have something for both, which client are you?

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

How Do I Know if This Service Is A Good Fit for Me?

Schedule your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call with our principal designer today, and let's find out!

Who Is This Service Best Suited For?

It's best suited for homeowners, investors, house flippers, contractors, and designers who desire a team effort to execute projects. Realtors: What an excellent service to share with your new homeowners!

How Can You Help Me Design My Home/Space?

We offer a hands-on solution where a team of three designers arrive in your home and work with you to listen and design the space or home of your dreams!

How Can I Save Time and Money if I Get Your Service?

After the hands-on session, you will get an execution list to complete the project:

  • Accurate and hand-made drawings of your space to precisely illustrate what the end result will look like
  • Lists of resources and contractors to help complete the project
  • Exclusive pricing on furniture and other must-haves

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Book Your FREE 15-Minute Design Discovery Call with Our Principal Designer TODAY